Artist's Statement

Monarch Butterfly PinArt, science, and humor come together in my work.  Experimentation is so central to the artistic process, it is impossible to create art without it.   When I worked in colored porcelain, I experimented with many colorants in clay, recording my results and using them to create my work.  I have continued to experiment in my current medium, polymer clay.  The brilliant color possibilities and the subject matter of insects as jewelry combine to create humor and surprise.

Bug Pin Although the subject matter of insects in my work is something of a lark, I have enjoyed learning more aboutthe insect world, and how it relates to the larger environment.  There are over one million species of insects on this planet, more than all other species combined.  They have incredible importance in the web of life.  They pollinate flowers, fertilize the soil, process waste, and provide food for other animals.  Their endless variety of color and pattern are also an inspiration to me.

Using the medium of polymer clay I am challenged, technically and artistically.  I also enjoy creating my own tools and designing organizational systems.